Tape-in Human Hair Extensions remy

What Are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

Tape-in hair extensions are really popular in salons worldwide.  They are thin tape wefts, 1.5 inches wide with a sticky adhesive that is very strong and also safe to use on your natural hair. When installed, the hair is “taped-in” in between the two thin tape wefts.   This method can last from two to four months (depending on growth rate & maintenance) and the hair is reusable!  Installation, when done by a professional, is fast as it can take up to an hour to apply tape-ins to an entire head with zero additional tools needed & zero damage to the hair.  When considering which type of extensions to try, tape-ins are definitely worth considering!

The Installation Process

Part a section of hair closest to the nape area of the head.  Put up the rest of the hair to get it out of your way.  The stylist then peels off the protective cover of the sticky adhesive, lifts of a small section of hair and applies the tape-in under that section of hair, close to the scalp.  A second tape-in hair piece is then applied directly on top so the two pieces meet, creating a sandwich effect with small sections of natural hair between two thin tape wefts.  The stylist would then press/smooth both pieces together with the hair sandwiched in between.    Also, a very thin section of natural hair is left out in between each sandwiched set of tape-ins.

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The thin tape-in wefts are installed row by row until the entire head is completed.   The installation process may sound simple but because placement is critical to the overall look, a trained stylist is necessary for best results.

When installed correctly, the hair will appear completely flat (meaning no lumps or bumps) and the hair that you leave out should cover any tape-in.  You should then be able to style your hair as if it’s your own and it’ll look completely natural, just more full and beautiful!

How Many Packs of Hair Do I Need For a Full Head?

A full head of tape-in extensions usually takes about 3 packs (150 grams) – 5 packs (250 grams) of hair depending on how full of a style you are trying to obtain.

To further clarify:  If you have thin to medium hair, 2 (100 grams) – 3 packs (150 grams) should be sufficient.  However, if you have thick hair you will need 3 (150 grams) – 5 packs (250 grams) total.

Does Carlie’s Beauty Supply Provide Tape-Ins?

Yes!  Tape-In Human Hair Extensions from Carlie’s Beauty Supply are of our Brazilian Silky Straight (remy) hair texture and wefts are 20” long and double-drawn.  Double-Drawn means shorter hairs were manually removed by a human being and the hair’s fullness is the same from the top of the weft down to the ends.  We currently offer the following five beautiful colors:  Natural Black (#1B)Chocolate Brown (#4), Russian Blonde (#613)Dirty Blonde (#18), and Chestnut Brown (#6).  Our tape-in human hair extensions can also be dyed to match your exact hair color or you can mix colors to provide a highlight or lowlight style effect.  tape-in-human-hair-extensions-carlies-beauty-supplyv2 Natural Black Tape-In Hair ExtensionsHowever, as our tape-in human hair extensions are already colored, it’s recommended that you deposit color (to make darker) and not lift (lighten) the color.  Please consult a licensed professional for coloring of extensions before having them installed.  Our extensions can also be curled or flat-ironed.


Carlie’s Beauty Supply Tape-In Human Hair Extensions are sold as follows:
  • 50 Grams – 20 Tape-In pieces
  • 100 Grams – 40 Tape-In pieces
  • 150 Grams – 60 Tape-In pieces

Are Tape-Ins Reusable?

You want to make sure you’re using high quality human hair extensions only if you want to be able to reuse them.  Our tape-in extensions can be reused for up to a year or even longer if you Tape-in-Human-Hair-Extensionsdo not wear them frequently and take very good care of them, so consider your purchase an investment in You!  Once you’re ready to have your stylist remove the tape-ins (usually a quick 15 minute process), you can have him/her wash your extensions and add new tape adhesive immediately. Once the new adhesives are applied, a licensed stylist can then reapply the tape-in extensions onto your head. This method is where getting high-quality extensions will come into play. It is essential to invest in Quality in order to have a longer lasting style, and Carlie’s Beauty Supply can provide you with exactly that!

Questions?  Feel free to comment below. ❤️

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