Why Wear Hair Extensions? Why Not?

“You have such pretty hair, why are you wearing a weave?”  “Why do you always wear wigs?  Do you have hair under there?”  I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been annoyed with these types of questions so I wanted to take the time to educate the masses on why people wear hair extensions and why, if you aren’t, you may want to start!

Hair Extensions have been around since before anyone reading this was born.  Hair is an accessory and we currently live in a time where you have the ability to change your hair into any style or length imaginable to complete or accentuate the look you’re going for.  People wear hair extensions for various reasons and the below list highlights some of those reasons.

Want Longer Hair Now:

The desire of having longer hair lengths is one of the greatest reasons why hair extensions are so hot!  Having longer hair also provides flexibility of style variations.  There are many who’ve experienced issues trying to grow their hair or have severely damaged hair and may feel that attaining longer lengths naturally is impossible.  For these women, extensions help to accommodate and solve that problem and having longer hair as early as tomorrow is now a possibility.  How exciting is that!

Protection of Natural Hair: 

Those who participate in frequent hair coloring or chemical treatments may eventually experience extensive hair damage over time.  With the constant coloring or straightening treatments, the damage will eventually become more noticeable and difficult to correct.  Hair extensions are a great way to achieve the same look that you’ve desired, while also allowing you to give your hair a break from the harsh

chemicals or treatments.  With human hair extensions, you now have the ability to try a short hair style without cutting your hair or a new hair color without the damage that comes with it. Give your natural hair a break from the day to day styling and manipulation, which typically results in a decrease of breakage and increase of length retention. You can expect to reach your hair growth goals a lot faster while wearing weaves, wigs or other hair extensions (when your own hair is put away in a protective style)!

Boost of Confidence:

It’s all about feeling great about the person that’s staring back at you in the mirror. It’s about confidence in doing what you want, when you want, and how you want.  Women are now wearing extensions to keep up with trends or just simply experimenting with new styles.  There are no rules when it comes to wearing hair extensions

and you should choose the type of hair & style that makes YOU feel your absolute best!

In all honesty, there are also people who just don’t like their hair and are unhappy with their texture, curl pattern or lack thereof.  For these folks, wearing extensions or lace wigs is more like an outlet for them and helps to remove that stress or insecurity, allowing them to take charge of their life with their heads held high!

Try Something New/Change Your Look:

If you want a short hairstyle on Monday & then long curly extensions on Saturday, it’s now possible! With our human hair clip-ins, you can literally go from short hair to long hair in a matter of minutes.  Hair extensions are the accessory used to create something different for those who desire it.

If there’s a new style you’re thinking of getting done on your natural hair but aren’t sure if you’ll like the outcome, purchase extensions instead!  So many people try a new style, cut, or color on their hair and end up not liking it.  You’re then forced to wait until that style grows out, which usually takes time.  Instead of the unnecessary stress, figure out which new style you want and have a wig made or extensions installed. That way you can see exactly how you will look with that style before getting it done on your own hair.

Health Reasons (Thinning Hair/Alopecia/Cancer):

Human hair extensions not only provide fun and exciting enhancements to your appearance but are also a necessity for those who struggle with hair loss or thinning.  Weaves or Lace Wigs are great ways to reclaim confidence and feeling of beauty for many cancer and alopecia victims.


Investing in human hair extensions add so many levels of convenience to your life.  The ability to reuse the same quality extensions is also very convenient and offers the affordability of keeping your hair slayed for days upon days.

With the ability to order top quality extensions 24/7, from carliesbeautysupply.com, it’s really easy to keep up with the latest trends.  You can literally order your favorite extensions in the middle of the night, from your bedroom, and have them delivered to your doorstep in no time at all!  Once your hair arrives, have your favorite professional stylist install them for best results.

You may also find that wearing hair extensions is a great time-saver.  Have more time to do other things in your life and spend less time styling your hair attempting to get it just right.  Once your new hair extensions are installed, your hair is basically done until you take them out!  Imagine waking up each day and just removing your silk bonnet & shaking out your straight style, or spritz your curls with water, and maybe slay your edges with our Edge Control, & you’re ready to go!

Of course some of you may still prefer to curl your hair every day with a curling iron, but you will find that it takes way less time (& less heat) than maybe if you were curling your own hair. Say good-bye to rushing in the morning and hassling with your hair trying to figure out why it’s not coming out right. I’m sure we can all use more time in our day, and rocking human hair extensions from Carlie’s Beauty Supply will help you to get it!

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