Discounts Anyone?

First off, welcome to Carlie’s Beauty Supply Online Store!  I am sooo excited to have established this presence online and to be able to bring you absolutely amazing products at prices designed for the consumer who loves to buy top quality but doesn’t necessarily want to break the bank.  If this is you, you will LOVE shopping at Carlie’s Beauty Supply!

Now, what about the discounts?  I’m getting to it….lol  The absolute best way to never miss a promotion, sale, new product announcement (lots of new inventory coming!) or exclusive coupon codes is by getting on our mailing list!  You can do that by signing up using the “Newsletter” form on the About Us or Contact Us page, or you can email your full name and email address to  As a Thank You for signing up, we will gift you with a Coupon Code that’ll save you 10% off your next order!  How cool is that?  So…what are you waiting for? LOL!  Soon, the only people who will get access to special coupons & promotions/giveaways are those who have signed up so you really want to be on this list!

Other Discount Opportunities

Loyalty Discount:  A special 10% coupon code will be sent after every five completed orders (totaling $25 or more), as a thank you to our repeat customers.  We truly appreciate your repeat business and this is our way of expressing just that! 🙂  Note:  Please allow 24 hours for this code to be tied to your email address or feel free to email for immediate assistance and coupon activation.

Anniversary Discount:  Those who have subscribed to our mailing list and/or created an account at will receive a 5% discount code or possible free gift to celebrate their Carlie’s Beauty Supply subscriber/customer anniversary!

Post Selfies/Videos & Tag Us on Social Media:  Make sure you’re following us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.  Post a selfie or video wearing our hair/products with a short review and tag us.  On Instagram/Twitter, make sure you use #CarliesBeautySupply.  If we choose to repost or share your post, we will send a special coupon code as a thank you gift!  The coupon code type will be a surprise…could be a free gift, could be an amazing discount.  We’ll see! 😉  We’ll DM or email you to communicate the reward.

We have lots of other surprises in store but in order for you to be a recipient, you need to make sure you’re following our social media accounts.  I’m mostly on Instagram so you definitely want to be following me there.  Happy Shopping & I look forward to sharing new products & discounts with you soon!

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